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Nesher Cement Plant

Nesher Cement Plant, Israel

Nesher (1925), Israel’s largest cement making company, has three plants located in Haifa, Ramle and Bet Shemesh. Recently, they updated the technology used in all plants by moving from outdated wet production lines to more efficient and environmentally safer dry lines.
Nesher Ramle has two dry lines where they annually manufacture approximately 3.6 million tons of klinker and 5 million tons of cement.


Afcon's SCADA Platform is the SCADA/HMI system supervising the plant’s processes. It is integrated with mobile SCADA which is used for remote control and monitoring. 




Periclase Magnesia Products Plant


Periclase Magnesia Products Plant, Israel


Dead Sea Periclase (DSP) www.periclase.com, a division of Israeli Chemicals Ltd. (ICL) Industrial Products, produces high quality magnesia products from it's production plants in Israel and France. The Israeli plant, built in the early 1970s and located 25 km from the Dead Sea shore, produces Magnesium Oxide (MgO), Magnesium Hydroxide (Mg (OH)2) and Magnesium Carbonate products of high purity.

Industries such as the pharmaceutical and food, the rubber, plastics and adhesives industries as well as steel manufacturers apply magnesia products in their own lines of products.

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Click to DownloadPericlase Magnesia Products Plant ( Kb)
Click to DownloadNesher Cement Plant ( Kb)
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