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Building Management Systems - BMS

Unified Control, Security and Operation System

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Carrefour-SA Shopping Center, Istanbul, Turkey

The Carrefour company is Europe's leading retailer and the second largest in the world today. The company is present in 29 countries and has 400,000 employees. Carrefour started operations in Turkey in 1993 and today the chain includes 13 hypermarkets and 86 supermarkets nation-wide.


In January 2005, the Maltepe hypermarket, situated on the Asian bank of the Bosporus opened for business. A new SCADA-based control system was installed in this hypermarket to provide reliable monitoring and control of the entire shopping center facilities. The Turkish company MAS Otomasyon was responsible for designing, programming and installing the control and the SCADA System.



Ben Gurion International Airport

Ben-Gurion International Airport Terminal 3 opened in 2005 expanding Israel's major international airport. Terminal 3 not only solves passenger overload but has commercially and financially transformed the area.

Afcon Software and Electronics Ltd., systems provide the integration interface between most of the terminal's systems, providing a single window to monitor the terminals vital systems. 



Beer Sheva High Court

Beer Sheva High Court security system is controlled by CSI DRUs and P-CIM HMI as a full control application. The new building has 20 floors with 2000 I/O points.


The following systems are used:

  •  IR sensors, all rooms have infrared detectors that monitor movement.
  •  Distress buttons, in all judge chambers for alerting security staff.
  •  Entrance status, on all doors and windows.

The project combines CSI (Control System International) and P-CIM. All points are linked to a CSI DRU network connected to P-CIM stations located in the central control room.

P-CIM, the highest supervisory level in the structure, collects data from all points into the P-CIM database, and provides graphical operator interface, alarm functions and reports.



AFCON SCADA/HMI integrates the ELBEX CCTV System

You can integrate a variety of field data such as burglary sensors, door detectors, temperature indicators or any other signals connected to PLCs - to a monitoring system that controls and monitors the operation while providing an integrated viewing window of the CCTV cameras.

This new capability provides the benefits of alarms logging, history, actions and graphics on one single system, in addition to live viewing of on-line cameras. The integration employs the new OPC standard.

Alarms can be configured to pop up the relevant camera, improving operator interface.


Now you can create an easy to use, user-friendly interface, for your convenience!

P-CIM is a powerful SCADA/HMI application generator for supervisory control and data systems. Unique productivity tools dramatically reduce development costs and engineering time.

Web Connectivity, Networking, Communication, Data Acquisition, Alarming, Reporting, and Intelligent Operator Interface are accomplished without need for programming skills. Read more.



Main Computer Room at Amdocs

Amdocs, is an internationally known billing software company with branch offices worldwide. While each branch has its own computer room, the Amdocs Main Computer Room is located at their Ranana offices in Israel.

P-CIM Web software, by Afcon Software and Electronics Ltd, was selected as the SCADA/HMI responsible for the remote control and monitoring of Ranana computer room's support systems.

Amdocs' requirements were very high. They needed a secure Wide-Area Administration and Control system with Intranet capabilities, where information from four computer rooms (server farms) from four different cities could be accessed. Each computer room, while being an independent entity, must enable interoperability between all systems and all other computer rooms. Each individual computer on the Amdocs global network (except computer rooms) is considered to be a client. Additionally, the same graphic interface must be displayed on all workstations with links to information for authorized users. P-CIM provided the full solution fulfilling all those requirements. Read more




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