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Energy - Power, oil & Gas

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Svartsengi Geothermal Power Plant, Iceland


Svartsengi Geothermal power plant monitored by P-CIM is one of the largest SCADA systems in Iceland.

Located in Iceland's Reykanjes peninsula, the plant is built on a lava field dating from a volcanic eruption that took place in 1226.

Svartsengi generates energy that provides heated water throughout the southwest peninsula.

Geothermal brine that is not used for heating forms the Blue Lagoon, a popular tourists spa.


P-CIM monitors 50 substations which include:

  • Seven hot water heat exchangers producing hot water with over 150MW of thermal energy
  • 11 turbines/generators producing 50 MW of electricity
  • Hot water distribution systems
  • Cold water distribution systems
  • Electricity distribution system




Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad, India

When Therelek Engineers looked for a SCADA for the three furnaces they were installing at the Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC) they chose P-CIM. At NFC natural uranium is converted into nuclear fuel. During the conversion process uranium dioxide pellets generating the heat also create radioactive by-products. P-CIM monitors and controls these dangerous substances at different stages of the procedure.


P-CIM's main functionality is to generate reports about the conditions in the furnace. DBF files holding historical values are created and saved. Data is then sorted by basic scripting modules and logged. Report templates are created using the Crystal Reports templates.



Rutenberg FGD System, Ashkelon

Today environmentalists worldwide are setting strict limitations for electricity companies. In Israel, The Electric Company is obliged to treat and cleanup the gasses that are emitted during the electricity production process.


One of the most effective processes for cleaning and diverting the gas is Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD). Gas is emitted into an absorber that cleans the sulfur from the gas, resulting in gypsum dust.

This dust is then used as a main component of the gypsum production industry.

P-CIM was selected as the SCADA/HMI to supervise the total FGD process.



Natural Gas PRMS stations

A.R.G.- AFCON R.M.G. Gas Technologies JV (ARG), is a new Israeli-German joint venture established three years ago as an equal strategic partnership between the Afcon Group and RMG International Group. The companies' missions are to provide the natural gas transmission and distribution industry in Israel with services such as engineering, supply, assembly & building, integration and maintenance needed for the construction of PRMS stations and migrating plants to gas projects. Furthermore, the company is pursuing new gas technologies and systems appropriate for the relevant trades and industries in Israel.


Read more at Nature Gas PRMS stations

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Click to DownloadSvartsengi Geothermal Power Plant, Iceland (312 Kb)
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Click to DownloadRutenberg FGD System, Ashkelon (243 Kb)
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