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Smart & Safe City

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Smart & Safe City

Protect Manage Inform

Municipalities of cities and towns of today are meeting many challenges providing their services to their citizens. Growth in population and business scale, security threats, and the escalating requirements for timely information presents the opportunity for a new paradigm where technology is required to provide unified cost effective solutions.


Afcon’s unified Smart City concept integrates state of the art subsystems to allow the municipality to offer Protection and Safety, Unified City Management, and timely information to its citizens with high level of efficiency and reduced operation costs.


  • Pulse - Unified Command & Control Center (C4I) 
  • Unified Integrated Information Center – Alarm, Report, Audit
  • Tool to Solve Crises Situations
  • Multi-Layer GIS Dynamic Maps
  • Incident Manager – Monitor, Act, Report & Audit
  • Mobile City Management – Anywhere, Anytime


Afcon's solution is based on a multi-layer architecture:


The Smart City Protection layer is based on information collection from sensors installed all over the municipality using the Pulse unified control platform into the city's unified information center. Such sensors may be video cameras, License Plate Recognition (LPR), sound blaster smart microphones, etc. The platform provides the municipality with "eyes & ears" and completes emergency event awareness to enable monitoring activities in critical areas around the city and improve security response. The Pulse event manager provides an approach that analyzes, correlates and coordinates the interaction between people, technologies, and responses. By integrating and correlating information from multiple and diverse systems across the city, and coordinating the response actions, the Pulse platform ensures that everyone in the operational chain knows what is happening and what to do. 


The Smart City Management layer improves the critical systems by combining a bottom-up system centric approach with a top-down information-centric one. Afcon provides an efficient unified approach to manage and control the city's critical facilities. It enables optimized, operational and low cost energy for the whole water and wastewater treatment cycle and flood detection. It also allows saving energy for street lighting, access control for public facilities (schools, city's buildings and public parks), fire detection, energy efficiency and maintenance saving, environmental monitoring and other applications.


All these systems include a variety of sensors and analytic tools to detect and alert abnormal conditions and initiate events at the central, Pulse-based command center. They also enable the operator to initiate the proper action in a timely manner in accordance with the municipality pre-defined procedures. The main concept here is the accumulation of all the information into one Pulse system enabling generations of automatic actions within the commanding software.


The Smart City Information layer provides city leaders and operational agencies an insight into various aspects of city management. Afcon's unified city information center collects, stores, alarms and shares important data between the different people and departments enabling intelligent city operation and future planning.

The layer includes:

  • Monitors citywide operations and responds to events and incidents based on inputs received across agencies
  • Involves citizens and businesses in incident reporting and resolution
  • Manages a broad range of city operations
  • Deploys rapidly with minimal IT resources 
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