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Pulse Event Manager

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AFCON’s Event Manager helps control room operators respond efficiently to events by providing access to critical information, step-by-step procedures and real-time availability of human resources. By recording every step in the event handling process,  It provides a comprehensive account of the event, allowing efficient investigation and debriefing.

Control rooms are hectic environments. Operators have to rapidly respond to events, follow protocols and procedures, locate the source of the event, and very often escalate the event to various stakeholders. In most cases, the relevant knowledge is based on extensive training, creating a reliance on the experience and abilities of the operator.


Step-by-Step Guidance through Procedures

AFCON's Event Manager solves the reliance on the operator's knowledge and experience by providing step-by-step guidance based on predefined procedures. Each step can have a predefined schedule for completion. Offloading this extensive knowledge to the system enforces processes, reduces the risk of human error, reduces the need for extensive training, and enables comprehensive recording of the events for future investigations.   

Multiple Inputs from a Variety of Sources

Events can be automatically triggered by any sensor, which is connected to the Pulse SCADA/HMI system or manually triggered by the operator. The events are grouped in predefined categories, such as the type of the event, its location and more. In addition, predefined priorities are related to each event, allowing the operator to prioritize the work and focus on critical events first.


Direct Access to Human Resources' Availability

Thanks to its Shift Management module, operators can gain instant access to the relevant personnel during the shift. Within the procedure the system instructs the operator to contact a specific person (not by role), which the system knows is filling the required position during the shift. 

Event Visualization

When connected to surveillance cameras, Event Manager offers comprehensive situational awareness with real-time video as well as video playback options. The system supports a three-screen environment that allows management of the tasks/procedures on one screen, viewing maps and floor plans on a second screen, and viewing the real-time/playback video on the third one.

Comprehensive Investigation Environment

Control Manager features a comprehensive debriefing and investigation environment. Since every step of the event is recorded and timed along with the relevant video, it provides an accurate and complete account of the event, allowing  its efficient investigation and examination of the operator's performance in handling the event.   


  • Supports inputs from any sensor or video feed that is connected to Pulse
  • Supports operator-generated events (manual)
  • Predefined event categorization by location, function, type, etc.
  • Predefined event prioritization
  • Operator guidance through step-by-step procedures
  • Predefined scheduling of procedure steps
  • Shift Management module for direct access to relevant personnel
  • Comprehensive event visualization with real-time/playback video and maps
  • Advanced investigation and debriefing capabilities

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